Speedy Renewal for Carlsbad Village Faire


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Applications & Deadlines

  • Speedy Renewal Applications for the next future event, must be received the day of the previous event date, to qualify as a Speedy Renewal
  • All applications must be accompanied by your credit/debit card info. Transaction will not be processed until application is accepted.
  • We will always try to renew you for the same booth space, or close to it, however we cannot always provide a 100% guarantee of the same space due to venue format changes, non consecutive event renewals etc. Thank you for understanding


  • Village merchants have 1st priority for (1) space for the product(s) in front of their business if submitted by application deadline.
  • Speedy Renewal sign up from participation in previous faire, if the space renewal is submitted on time.
  • Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce membership of applicant if submitted by application deadline
  • New Applications
  • The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to limit the number of applicants for any one particular type of goods/services and reserves the right to change or substitute vendor spaces overall, thereby maintaining the diversity and quality of the Village Faire. We cannot guarantee that vendors with similar products/services will be separated. We do not offer exclusivity to any one vendor.


  • You must have a California State Board of Equalization Seller’s Permit or we cannot accept you application.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for collecting and reporting sales tax.
  • You are responsible for your own liability and workers compensation insurance

Space Size & Canopy

  • Space size is 15’ wide (across front) and 10’ deep unless otherwise noted
  • Center space series, see map (1300 State) (1400 Roosevelt) (1500 Madison), are walk-thru (2 x 15’ sides open).
  • Space only is provided. Exhibitors will be responsible for providing their own setup of any other materials needed for their display.
  • Merchandise should be displayed as colorfully and tastefully as possible. No stolen merchandise, fire arms, ammunition, explosives, alcoholic beverages, drugs or illegal items, tobacco, tobacco/drug paraphernalia, or items that promote the use of any federally controlled substance, including marijuana.


  • Electricity charge – $75.
  • Electricity must be requested when you submit your application. Spaces with electric available are very limited.
  • Personal “Whisper” type generators allowed only with prior Faire manager approval. Must meet Fire Department regulations.
  • Fire Department regulations require that all cords must be commercial type and taped down.

Confirmation & Refunds

  • Confirmations will be mailed 14-21 days before the Faire.
  • • Booth (Vendor) and/or event cancellations, for any reason, including inclement weather, acts of nature or restrictions by government agencies (including mandatory closures or recommended closures of event), over which the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce and/or Kennedy and Associates have no control, received before 30 days of the event are assessed a $100 cancellation fee per booth, per number of days requested on application.
  •  NO REFUNDS will be given, 30 days prior and/or within 30 days of the event, regardless of reason, including inclement weather, acts of nature, or restrictions by government agencies (including mandatory closures or recommended closures of event), over which the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce and/or Kennedy Faires, Inc has no control.


  • Faire hours: Spring = 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Fall = 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Space forfeited if not occupied by 7:30 a.m.
  • All spaces cleared and streets open by 6:00 p.m. in spring and 5:00 p.m. in fall.

  • All vehicles out of Faire area by 7:30 a.m.
  • Parking on outside of Faire area only.
  • No alley parking – police regulations.
  • If you park on private property you can be ticketed.
Food Exhibitors
  • Responsible for obtaining County Health Dept. permits and meeting the requirements set up by the Health Department. Provide permit number with application if available at time of application.
  • Have certified fire extinguisher required by the Fire Marshal.
Assumption of Risk

  • I agree to indemnify and hold Kennedy and Associates, Kennedy Faires Inc., the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Carlsbad, their officials, staff and agents harmless of and from any and all actions, causes of actions of every kind in law or equity, suits, debts, liens, contracts, agreements, promises, claims, liabilities, demands, damages, obligations, loss, costs and expense of any nature whatsoever, known or unknown, fixed or contingent, including, with limitation, attorney’s fees and court costs through and including any appeals, taxable or otherwise, incurred, either directly or indirectly, as a result of my participation in the Carlsbad Village Faire, including but not limited to, any claims which might be made by myself, my co-workers, my agents, my employees, and/or any member of the general public. I acknowledge that I am responsible for the security of my own property and responsible in securing my canopy and fixtures to prevent safety hazards and expressly assume all risk of loss and/or damage to property arising either directly or indirectly from my participation in the Carlsbad Village Faire. I understand and agree that Kennedy and Associates, Kennedy Faires Inc., the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce and/or the City of Carlsbad are in no way responsible for my property or its safe keeping

Space Fee Schedule
Space RentalNon-MemberCarlsbad Chamber Mbr
Side Street285170
Grand Ave (Popular & Limited)325200
Village Faire Mall250155
Food 15x10 (Vendor provides 3-compt sink)650425
Food 15x10 (Faire Provides 3-compt sink)755525
Food 20x10 (Vendor provides 3-compt sink)715475
Food 20x10 (Faire Provides 3-compt sink)820590
Sponsor (Popular & Limited) Center Grand999999
Electric not available at this event$0.00$0.00
Pre-Pak Grand330205
Pre-Pak Other Str295175
Pre-Pak Faire Mall250155
Corps/Business/Commer+$200 to above pricing+$150 to above pricing
Corner Booths+$125 to above pricing+$125 to above pricing
Carlsbad Chamber Members:Discounted fee applies to only 1 booth. Additional booths are at regular rate