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  • Space assignment priority system is based on speedy renewal sign-up from most recent fair, then new application postmarks.
  • Fair personnel reserve the right to limit the number of vendors for any particular type of goods/services and to change of your check constitutes acceptance.
  • Cashing of your check constitutes acceptance.

Space & Product Specifications

  • All general spaces are 12′ x 12′. Food booths have 15′ frontage and 10′ depth. Only a space is provided, Tables, canopies, etc. are vendor responsibility.
  • Arts, handmade crafts, antiques, and ethnic imports receive first priority. Space for commercial items is limited. Commercial vendors will be selected with consideration of merchandise and display appearance.
  • Non-profits/civic groups are limited in the number and selected by The Encinitas 101 Association; not first come, first serve.

Product Restrictions

  • Animal rides or sale/give-away of animals are prohibited.
  • Drugs, alcoholic beverages, weapons, stolen merchandise, and explosives (including ammunition, fireworks, snap caps, bomb bags, and poppers) are prohibited.
  • Sale of tobacco products, tobacco/drug paraphernalia, and/or items that promote the use of illicit substances is prohibited.
  • In order to enhance and improve future fairs, the fair committee reserves the right to alter the format or character of the fair at their discretion.
  • All products containing any or all compounds, blend, extract, infuse, parts or otherwise of the Cannabis staive Linneaeus, Cannabis indica or Cannabis ruderalis are prohibited in the City of Encinitas.
  • Additionally the use of plastic bags and styrofoam are prohibited in Encinitas

Food Vendors

  • Food vendors (included pre-packaged) must obtain San Diego County Health Dept permits and post in booth. Contact County Health at 619.338.2222
  • Food Vendors must also submit a menu, photo of booth, and proof of insurance.

Hours and Schedules

  • Fall Festival Hours are 9am to 4pm.
  • Set-up and break down times sent with confirmations mailed on month prior to fair.


  • Electricity is limited and must be pre-paid with applications. Specify volt/amp requirements. $50 Additional.
  • NO GENERATORS without prior approval.

Taxes & Insurance

  • All application to sell must include a California state Board of Equalization Seller’s Permit Number.
  • You are responsible for collecting & reporting sales tax.
  • Proof of insurance for food vendors, rides, chiropractors, etc. must be submitted with application.


  • Booth (Vendor) and/or event cancellations, for any reason, including inclement weather, acts of nature or restrictions by government agencies (including mandatory closures or recommended closures of event), over which the Encinitas 101 Association and/or Kennedy and Associates have no control, received before 30 days of the event are assessed a $60 cancellation fee per booth, per number of days requested on application.
  • NO REFUNDS will be given, 30 days prior and/or within 30 days of the event, regardless of reason, including inclement weather, acts of nature, or restrictions by government agencies (including mandatory closures or recommended closures of event), over which The Encinitas 101 Association and/or Kennedy and Associates has no control.

Space Rent Schedule
Vendor TypeFee
Arts & Crafts Vendors$225
Corporate Businesses$585
Non-Profit Groups (Encinitas)$110
Non-Profit Groups (Non- Encinitas)$210
Business on Encinitas 101 Hwy corridor$225
Corners (2 sides open)(Separate Fee)+$40
15'x10' Booth (Vendor provides 3-compt sink)$415
20'x10' Booth (Vendor provides 3-compt sink)$515
15'x10' Booth (Faire provides 3-compt sink)$515
20'x10' Booth (Faire provides 3-compt sink)$615