Escondido Fall Application

The Escondido Festival is part of a series of year-long events being presented by the Escondido Downtown Business Association and the Chamber of Commerce. The Festival is held the 3rd Sunday in both May and October. Located Downtown Escondido, with over 400 booths and a wide variety of food and family entertainment, the Festival draws a large crowd and provides everyone with a successful and enjoyable day. The Festival has been going since 1988.


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Application Deadline
Food Vendors: one week prior to event. All applications must be complete.

Application Priority
Downtown merchants have 1st priority for one(1) space for their products in front of their business. Space assignments and priority system based on deadlines, online application time stamps and participation in most recent festivals.
Spaces are 12′ wide(across front) x 10′ deep. Food Court booths are 15’x10′.Corners are 2 adjacent sides and a space between you and another vendor/toggle]

Must request electricity on application – Availability limited. electricity charge($75) must be included with application. Personal “whisper” type generators allowed only with prior Festival Manager approval. Cords must be commercial type and taped down.
Public Festival hours are 9am – 5pm. Setup time as assigned on confirmation. Space forfeited if not occupied by 8:30am. All spaces cleared and streets open by 7pm.
All vehicles removed from Festival area by 8:30am. Parking only on periphery of Festival area. Park in legal areas only – no alley parking.
State Franchise Seller’s Permit number must be on application. Vendors responsible for collecting and reporting sales tax.
Food vendors responsible for San Diego County health permits. All permits must be posted in booth (food booths). Certified fire extinguisher required by fire marshal (food booths). Fire retardant canopies required (all vendors).
Confirmations will be mailed 21-30 days before Festival . No refunds will be made within 30 days of the Festival. No refund in case of inclement weather, acts of nature or restrictions by government agencies to cancel event, over which the Escondido Downtown Business Association, Chamber of Commerce or Kennedy Faires, Inc (Kennedy and Associates) has no control. Booth and/or event cancellations, for any reason, including inclement weather, acts of nature or restrictions by government agencies over which the Escondido Downtown Business Association, Chamber of Commerce or Kennedy Faires, Inc (Kennedy and Associates) have no control, received before 30 days of the event are assessed a $60 cancellation fee.
The Escondido Downtown Business Association, Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to limit the number of application for any one particular type of good/service, thereby protecting all vendors and maintaining diversity for the festival, the personnel of the Festival and its participants. No stolen merchandise, fire arms, ammunition, explosives, fireworks, party poppers, bomb bags, snap caps, alcoholic beverages. No drugs, tobacco,tobacco/drug paraphernalia or items that promote the use of any Federally Controlled Substances, including Marijuana. No double edge, switch blade, throwing or butterfly knives. No potato guns. Merchandise should be displayed as colorfully and tastefully as possible.

In order to enhance and improve future Festivals , the Festival committee reserves the right to alter the format or character of the Festival at the committee’s discretion.

Space Rent Schedule
Space RentalPriceSpace Size
NP/Political (No Selling)$20012x10
Self Made (Craft/Prepak)$20012x10
Home Based Distr$20012x10
Business/Lead Generation $30012x10
Open Single Food$30012x10
Trucks/Trailers, Tents Open Single Food$45024x10
Open Food$45015x10
Open Food Trucks/Tents$50024x10
Cnr Intersection/End Cap$35012x10
Cnr Intersection/Center$65012x10
Electric Add on$100